Cube Houses  翻轉吧!魔幻立體方塊屋

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2015/09/22 第214期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱


Cube Houses  翻轉吧!魔幻立體方塊屋

  In Rotterdam, a city in southern Holland, there are 38 of the most unusual and coolest homes ever built. Called cube houses, they are exactly what the name suggests. So why are they unusual? After all, Taiwan and many other parts of the world have thousands of homes in the shape of cubes. Rotterdam’s cube houses are unique because they are tilted1 on a 45-degree angle and placed on top of a hexagonal2-shaped pylon3.
  Each of the individual houses has been designed to look like a tree. In addition, because the 38 tree-shaped houses are joined together, they look like a large, futuristic forest even though they are painted yellow and were designed in the 1970s.
  These four-story homes all have 100-square-meters of living space. The ground floor is the entrance, the first floor has a living room and kitchen, and the second floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom. The top floor has many windows and is sometimes used as a garden. The cube houses are privately owned, but attract thousands of tourists each month. With this in mind, one cube house is used for visitors who want to photograph and look around inside.











  這些四層樓高的屋子一共有一百平方公尺的居住空間。屋子的一樓是入口,接著二樓有客廳和廚房,三樓有兩間臥室和一間浴室(編按:在西方國家,特別是歐洲,他們稱『一樓』叫做 ground floor,而 first floor 則變成了我們東方人口中的『二樓』)。最頂樓有許多的窗戶,有時被用來當作花園。立體方塊屋為私人所有,但每個月都吸引大批的觀光客。因此,有一棟立體方塊屋提供給遊客拍照和參觀裡面。

  1. cube n. 立方體;方塊物
    The mouse ate three cubes of cheese today.
  2. unusual a. 不尋常的;非凡的
    It is very unusual to have snow here in July.
  3. degree n. 度;程度
    by degrees  漸漸地
    Under Mr. Wang’s guidance, my English has improved by degrees.
  4. angle n. 角度
    You’ll agree with me if you look at this issue from a different angle.
  5. N-shaped a. ……形狀的
    heart-shaped a. 心形的
    I made a heart-shaped cake for my boyfriend.
  6. story n. 樓層;故事
    Maria lives inside a 10-story building.
  7. entrance n. 入口;進入(與介詞 to 並用)
    There is only one entrance to this building.
  8. with…in mind  有鑑於/考慮到……
    With his weekend plans in mind, David decided not to work overtime on Friday.
  1. tilt vi. 傾斜
  2. hexagonal a. 六角形的
  3. pylon n. 橋塔