​Appliance Science: The chemistry of carbonation

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CNET August 27, 2015

Smart home and appliances
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​Appliance Science: The compressed chemistry of carbonation
What puts the fizz into fizzy drinks? Appliance Science looks at the science behind carbonated drinks like soda, pop, Coke or Pepsi. READ MORE »
Andrew Gebhart
Associate Editor / Louisville, KY

Latest reviews /

Siri-enabled SmartPlug provides fleeting fun but little substance

The iHome iSP5 gives Siri control of dumb electronics but lacks features and polish.

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The ultimate tailgating accessory

Is this Kickstarter record-holder enough of a party animal to justify its price tag?

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More of the same from robot vacuum maker Neato

Not much separates Neato’s newest automated vacuum from the brand’s other bots.

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Attentive home chef needed for this premium Dacor

An avid home cook will appreciate this range’s sleek exterior and fast convection oven.

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This Food Showcase fridge has a secret door (hint: it’s in the door)

If door-in-a-door fridges have you intrigued, then this model merits a close look.

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The price isn’t right for People Power’s smart-home sensors

The hardware accessories of this new kit might alienate some People Power fans.

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Too many bugs in Edyn’s smart garden

The Edyn Garden Sensor does a lot of things right, but an unfinished app mars the experience.

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Mycroft wants to be your smart-home’s brain

The Mycroft Smart Home AI Platform is a voice-activated control device with Arduino and Raspberry Pi 2 at its core.

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What does Google know about you?

What does Google know about you?

It’s no secret that Google keeps tabs on your usage habits, but you can control how much data it holds on to.


Video of the week /

Philips Hue’s newest smart lighting kit won’t break the bank

The $40 Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit wants to ease you into smarter lighting.

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Featured products /

A smart, wireless camera for stealthy home recording

The Butterfleye serves as eyes and ears for smart connected houses.

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BedJet v2 makes it cozy under the covers

BedJet will automatically adjust its settings while you sleep to try and keep you comfy throughout the night.

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LG upgrades convection ovens with new ProBake feature

LG says ProBake Convection will improve multirack baking and speed up preheating.

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