Selling your old iPhone: Online vs. in-store trade-ins

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CNET September 7, 2015
CNET Daily News
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Selling your old iPhone: Online vs. in-store trade-ins

With Apple expected to unveil its new iPhones this week, CNET’s Marguerite Reardon offers advice on getting some money for your old one.
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Monitoring diabetes at 225 mph

From CNET Magazine: IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball’s pit crew keeps a close eye on the data streaming off his race car — and his body — when he’s behind the wheel.
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Behind CeeLo’s Google-spoofing interactive video

Singer CeeLo Green’s first new music video in two years needed to stand out. With an interactive video riffing on Google’s search engine, taking a risk ended up hitting the right notes.
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The ‘Star Wars’ toy that made me a geek

Commentary: One “Star Wars" toy shaped CNET’s Bonnie Burton as a geek. As “Force Friday" passes, she fondly recalls stumbling upon a discarded action figure that changed her life forever.
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Apple’s iPhone-and-more launch: Join us September 9 (live blog)

The tech giant is expected to show off the iPhone 6S and may update the iPad, Apple TV and other products for good measure.
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​Canon’s 250-megapixel sensor powers eagle-eyed camera

Technology in the super high-resolution design could trickle down to consumer products in coming years — but Canon fans should think twice before boasting about the achievement.
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Feeling sad could change how you see colours

New research has shown that you might not just be feeling blue, you may also be seeing it differently.
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Network Bandwidth Performance and Traffic Patterns Tool

From TechRepublic:
Don’t let network performance issues cripple your organization. Learn how to monitor your network in real time. Download this fully functional 30 of…

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The rapid evolution of technology means convergence, convergence, convergence. Take a look at five gadgets not long for this world.

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Hoarding photos on your phone?

Hoarding photos on your phone?

Those picture are hogging memory and could be slowing down your phone.


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